Version Control for Excel.

Pathio is a modern version control system for Excel spreadsheets and VBA.
Track changes, see what changed and share workbooks with your colleagues.

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Version history, comparison and team collaboration for Excel.

Doing _2016-08-01_Tom_final_v2.xlsb edits?
Doing _2016-08-01_Tom_final_v2.xlsb edits?

If you work with spreadsheets that are regularly updated and amended by multiple users, you are likely to end up with an ever growing number of _2016-08-01.xlsb, _2016-08-01_draft.xlsb, _2016-08-01_Tom_final_v2.xlsb workbook versions. Things get messy if you need to understand what changed between versions or if you have to revert to a previous version.

Pathio keeps track of workbook changes
Track workbook changes

Pathio monitors your workbooks for changes as you work. Instead of saving your workbook under a new filename, Pathio automatically stores your workbook version, keeping track of changes to your spreadsheets and VBA code. Pathio integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows, without getting in your way.

Version history and audit log
Version history and audit log

Whether you use Excel to crunch numbers or keep business critical data in spreadsheets, the audit log shows you exactly which sheets and VBA modules were added, deleted or modified in each version. Focus on your business and let Pathio worry about keeping Excel under control.

Compare versions
Check changes

Pathio shows you the exact changes within a sheet or VBA module. Pathio is built with big sheets in mind so it filters out all the noise and visually highlights added, deleted and modified cell ranges in a web browser. The power of Git and Subversion with a modern web frontend - built for Excel.

Team Collaboration
Work together with your teammates

Pathio helps you stay in sync with your teammates. Pathio automatically syncs changes across different users, without getting in your way. Pathio's collaboration model is based on optimistic concurrency control so you can work on the same workbook without having to lock your teammates out while maintaining full control over conflicts.

Your server or our servers - always your data

Whether you run Pathio on our secure servers or your own infrastructure, your workbooks are always yours and are not accessible to anyone outside your team. You can run Pathio in the cloud (single user account) or on your own server (team account). Pathio Enterprise also allows LDAP integration and behind the firewall security.

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