Still saving your Excel workbook
Versions as _Tom_final_v2.xlsb?

Simplify your Excel workflow with Pathio, a simple-to-use version control system for your workbooks.

Host it on your own server with Pathio Enterprise

Excel version control that works for you

Pathio shows you who changed what and when, making it easy to work on the same workbooks as your teammates. Simply save your changes and let Pathio take care of the workbooks you rely on.

Use any Excel file type

Works with all Excel file types (xls, xlsb, xlsm, xla etc), whatever the file size.

Track changes with ease

See who changed what and when. Find differences in sheets and VBA, merge changes and hunt down errors easily.

Collaborate with your team

Improve understanding of complex workbooks, share knowledge and be more productive as a team.

Flexible deployment

Host Pathio in the cloud or manage it on your own servers. Enjoy flexible deployment models for teams of all sizes and needs.

Unlimited workbooks

Get unlimited workbooks and version history - in the cloud and on-premise.

Seamless integration

Pathio integrates seamlessly with the tools you use.

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Simplify your Excel workflow

Have all your workbooks in one place and search across all your workbooks. Keep all your team mates up-to-date. Get a version history of your workbooks, identify errors and roll back with ease.

Pathio Cloud

Pathio Cloud is our fully hosted, secure Excel version control system. Create your account, install the Pathio client or connect to your Dropbox and you are set.

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Pathio Enterprise

We understand that you want to keep your spreadsheets within your firewalls. Pathio Enterprise gives you secure, fast, enterprise-grade control on your own server.

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