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8 Ways Pathio Simplifies Your Excel Workflow

Be More Productive, Reduce Spreadsheet Errors and Protect Your Work

No More SaveAs

Our automatic versioning saves you from having to save important changes under a new file name - so that you can focus on what is important to you.

Find Errors Systematically And Faster

Pathio shows you who changed what and when so that you can use a systematic top down approach to identify changes, locate the error and apply a fix, however big and complex your workbook is.

Get Up To Speed

Pathio gives you valuable insights into the mechanics and dependencies of your workbooks. This makes it a lot easier to get your head around the sheets and VBA code or get a new teammate up to speed.

Always Up-To-Date

No more second guessing what the latest version might be, or whether you already did the change you were meant to do. Pathio keeps you always up-to-date (and your teammates, if you work in a team).

Fewer Errors

With Pathio you see the full picture, not only can you see old versions of the same workbook but you can also easily see what changed. Because This reduces the number

Everything In One Place

Pathio brings all your workbooks together in one place that you can search in your browser. No more searching for workbooks in dozen different locations and network drives to find the correct version.

Integrates Seamlessly

Pathio integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow. Either directly from your computer (no Excel Addins involved) or from Dropbox (Cloud) or Sharepoint (Enterprise).

Always Getting Better

Pathio is constantly being updated — giving you new insights, new reports, and new tools to improve your productivity — without you having to purchase a new version or download any updates.