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Enterprise Grade Excel Version Control

Pathio Enterprise provides Excel workbook collaboration and audit logs for professional teams of any size, on your servers

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Stay in control of Excel, without getting in your users' way

Excel is flexible, powerful, can easily be integrated any system and doesn't require a compiler or advanced programming knowledge. Quite often tactical workbooks grow, become more sophisticated and critical to your company's business processes. Pathio helps you stay in control of your Excel workbooks, tracking changes and allowing you to roll back to previous versions - without getting in your users' way.

Simplify your users' lives

As powerful as Excel is, it is not great at team work. Copying around and distributing workbook files across teams can be a real pain. Pathio helps your users focus on their business.

Sharepoint integration

Do use Sharepoint and simply want to see what's happened over the lifetime of an Excel workbook? Pathio can be set up to integrate with Sharepoint, instead of your users committing their workbooks to Pathio, Pathio picks up any version update directly from Sharepoint and gives you additional, valuable version information about your workbooks. Contact us if you want to find out more.

Enterprise Grade Features

Pathio Enterprise is a single tenant server application that you deploy on a server that you own, either on your own infrastructure or in your own private cloud. Pathio Enterprise is not dependent on any internet connection and can be deployed into an air gapped network. Pathio Enterprise allows you to install your own certificates for HTTPS and supports LDAP integration for user management. Contact us if you have any questions.

Install Virtually Anywhere

Pathio Enterprise is available for deployment on any private virtualization hypervisors such as VMware, Hyper-V, Virtualbox and cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine, and most other major environments. Get in touch to let us know about your deployment environment.

Hardware Requirements

We recommend 8GB memory (minimum 4GB) for Pathio Enterprise. The disk size required for Pathio Enterprise depends in large part on the number of workbooks, the average size of workbooks and the number of versions (commits) for those workbooks. A very rough guideline is: 10GB + 1.5 * total number of versions across all workbooks * average workbook file size. So, for example, for 20 workbooks with an average file size of 5MB and 1,000 versions each, the disk size would need 10GB + 1.5 * 20 * 1,000 * 5MB = 10.15 GB.

Software Requirements

Pathio Enterprise supports any Linux-based server operating system that can run current versions of Docker. Your system must support docker-engine 1.7.1 - 1.11.1 (with 1.11.1 being the recommended version). This also requires a 64-bit distribution with a kernel minimum of 3.10. For detailed requirements and installation guides contact us.


We understand the importance of Excel for your business processes. Pathio Enterprise comes with 24/5 (Mon - Fr) support via email, phone and (video) chat. If you happened to be based in London, we can even come into your office.

Ready to talk to us?

Pathio Enterprise is available for a free, no obligation, 30 day trial. Send us an email to reach out, and we will follow-up to provide you with access and a trial key and all the support you need to get started.

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